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Doctors you can trust! 
No more pain and anxiety when you need to go to the dentist.

The best doctors for your teeth

Our doctors have graduated from some of the most prestigious universities in the world. They have many years of experience in dental care and all related fields, and are able to bring this valuable experience and their immense expertise to our clinic and ultimately to your teeth.

The Prival team of doctors, nurses and technicians has been carefully selected and composed to provide the best care for your teeth as well as a painless experience, and a doctor’s visit without anxiety and stress.

We keep track of new techniques and publications, so our patients can receive the best care possible. As such, we use the latest practices in dental care, in addition to cutting edge equipment to provide you with a radiating smile that will make our friend envious.

Always ahead of the game

Our doctors are constantly seeking out new opportunities to learn and advance their knowledge to be ahead of the game and provide the utmost best dental care for our patients.
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Dr. Sarah Brahimi

Graduated from the University of Medicine in Tirana with a GPA of 10.00, doctor Sarah Brahimi is a specialist in implantology.

Dr. Loren German

Dr. German brings to you the best techniques in esthetic dentistry.

Dr. Ines Luri

Dr. Luri has a medical degree form one of the most prestigious Universities of the UK, and specializes in general dental care.

Dr. Mirald Hafizi

Dr. Hafizi has been the head of our clinic since it started and he is one of the best doctors in Albania when it comes to implantology.